Atkinson County EMA and Fire Department

Fire Engine

Consolidated Fire Department

Pearson, Willacoochee, Atkinson Fire Service (PWAFS)

Atkinson / Pearson Fire Chief: Robbie Stone,, Phone: 912.422.7541

Willacoochee Fire Chief: Lee Pittman,, Phone: 912.422.7541

Administrative Assist for Fire & EMA: Kayce Harper,

Pearson – Station 1

Willacoochee – Station 2

Axson – Station 3

Atkinson – Station 4

Antioch – Station 5

Kirkland – Station 6

Union Hill – Station 7

M.M. Giddens – Station 8

Mission Statement: “It is the objective of the Atkinson County Volunteer Fire Department and its members to faithfully  protect the lives and property of the people we serve; to the best of our ability, training, and equipment; to do so with regard for the needs and safety of the public with due regard and preparation for our own safety. Our service will be based on both fire prevention and suppression but will not be limited to firefighting. We dedicate ourselves to any support call we should receive and pledge to assist any agency when called upon.”

Atkinson County EMA/Fire Facebook:

Atkinson County EMA

EMA Director: Robbie Stone,, Phone: 912.422.3968

Code Red Link & Info:

Purpose: The purpose of EMA is to establish a comprehensive, countywide, all-hazards approach to incident management across a spectrum of activities including prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. The EMA incorporates best practices and procedures from various incident management disciplines – homeland security, emergency management, law enforcement, firefighting, hazardous materials response, public works, public health, emergency medical services, and responder and recovery worker health and safety – and integrates them into a unified coordinating structure.